Renovated Furnished Apartment in Bicycle Distance!!

Yasuuracho, Yokosuka
Overview Apartment
558.7668 sqft
Built in 1987
Features Parking No
Pet NG
American Stove No
Directions 9 minutes to base by bicycle
4 minutes walk to Keikyu Main Line Kenritsudaigaku station.
16 minutes walk to Keikyu Main Line Yokosukachuo station.
Comments/Notes Fully Renovated in 2017
With Couch, Dining table, Queen size bed, and TV
4 minutes walk to Convenience Store "Family Mart"
9 minutes walk to DIY Store "HOME'S"
12 minutes walk to Grocery Store "LIVIN"
*The current condition of the property supersedes the advertizing page, if there is any difference.

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