About us

Message from Hiroyoshi Kojima, CEO

As a child born and raised in Yokosuka, I had the opportunity to develop many friendships with people from the United States as an elementary school student. Even though I didn’t understand English very well, I recall fond memories of playing with friends everyday and visiting each other homes. We built a strong bond as friends and it was a great sense of loss for me when it was their time to return to the U.S. This left a lasting impression on me and so I asked my parents to allow me to study abroad in Riverside, CA.

I started this company with the vision of providing the same care and hospitality I received as a foreigner in a new country. The “i” in our company name stands for “information”. Providing customers with the right information can mean the difference in a good experience for your family.

We hope your days in Japan will be full of excitement and good experiences. It is our company’s mission to provide the best customer experience and to make you a part of our extended family.

Headqurter JEUNESS Yokosuka 1-21 Otakicho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
Established February,1978
Tel 046-826-3131
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